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Big Dungeon Energy

Big Dungeon Energy is a professional team located in Canada, Montreal, that recurrently plays the fantasy tabletop role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons.

I was approached with creating a visual identity for a D&D group that would visually represent their dynamic team energy. After several days of researching the famous tabletop game and absorbing its world, my primary culmination was to combine both the world of D&D and the team's dynamic energy using specific items from the game, for a more iconic approach.




Official logo

An Iconic approach, that remains noticeable for the end-users of the D&D Community.

The logo is a mix of two recurrent objects from the tabletop game, the dice & potions. BDE stands out as a modern and personal logo, setting out to be easily identified using key elements within its structure.

Sticker Pack.png
Winter Hat Mockup.png
Skateboard Mockup.png
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