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Federick Vidot

Graphic Designer
UX & UI Designer


My Services

Brand Identity, Digital Design & Print Design.
UX & UI Design & Motion Graphics

The unwavering
need to experience
& experiment.


About Me

Developing brands and designing for ambitious clients while remaining truthful to their goals.

I’m a Montreal-based graphic designer, driven by every challenge that comes along and focused on anything that requires an ability to be creative. ​Therefor, constantly seeking to enrich my experience while devoting myself to several projects professionally and outside of work. On several occasions, I throw myself into these projects in hopes of perfecting a skill, and at times it can be overwhelming as nothing ever goes to plan. Yet in all honesty, I find that I do my best work when my back is against the wall, hence improving upon my problem-solving skills under stress. So forth, I have acquired both a unique sense of discipline and organization that is the backbone of my work experience.  Thus, I would greatly appreciate having the chance to work for a dynamic company where my problem-solving skills can be tested and improved on, while actively participating in the success of the company.


Physical Activities

Design Activities


Electric Guitar


Long boarding


Screen Printing




Here you can find a variety of projects I've worked on over the course of my years as a graphic designer.

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